Why You Still Need a Dog Walker Even if You Work from Home

Written By: Caitlin Perna

There are many reasons to hire a professional dog walker-

dependability, industry knowledge, and animal safety to start.

And if you have to commute to work, hiring a dog walker seems like an obvious solution for keeping your pup entertained/exercised while you’re away.

person walking a large dog
But what if you work from home?
Chances are your dog(s) are happy to have you home loving all of the extra attention.
But here are 6 reasons you might not have considered especially if having a home office is new for you.

1. Health Perhaps the most obvious reason for regular walks is the health of your dog. Just like humans, your pets should stay active and hiring a professional walker can help keep your dog on track.

2. Time When working from home you might at first think you’ll have time to get household chores done,dog on a leash manage personal affairs, and walk your dog when they need it. But very quickly your day can fill up. And what if you have an important Zoom call? Or your dog won’t stop barking? Hiring a professional and being able to schedule walks at specific times can lighten your workload in an already busy schedule.
3. Socialization My favorite reason! Your dogs will build a very special bond with their walker and begin to look forward to seeing them each day. One of the main reasons people work in this industry is for this very friendship between human and dog.
4. Mental Stimulation Getting your dog out of the house and exploring new areas is a great way to keep them stimulated and engaged which uses a different kind of energy to tire out your pup. Different smells, sights and sounds keep them focused while using their detective skills throughout the walk.
5. Peace of Mind- The trust and dependability you get from hiring a professional can relieve a lot of stress and worry for your dog’s well being. Knowing someone will come at a regularly scheduled time to take your dog on a fun adventure is just one less thing on your plate for the day!
dog on a walk
6. Improve Pet behavior All of the above are different ways to burn off energy for your dog. And what happens when your dog is tired? They are less likely to get into mischief! Especially when working from home, you need focus at least occasionally, knowing your dog is not misbehaving is a huge relief.
Considering hiring a dog walker? Perna’s Pet Care offers 30 and 45 minute walks. Check out our website to learn more and book your first walk today.