Litter Box Poop Fairy

Written By: Caitlin Perna

So what is a Litter Box Poop Fairy?

tabby cat with tongue out
Whether you have one cat or 6, litter boxes require regular cleaning, monitoring, and sanitizing. It can be a lot more work than you planned on and busy schedules can interfere with regular maintenance. Dirty litter boxes can lead to behavior issues with your cat and you might miss out on important signs of health issues.
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This is where the Litter Box Poop Fairies come in!
Whether it’s because of busy schedules or you just plain don’t want to deal with it (we get it!), we will come and do the dirty work for you.
We have a team of Cat People hired specifically to care for your cats…and clean their litter boxes. During our regular drop-in visit service we will always scoop litter boxes and sweep around the area. However, there is more to keeping your cats happy than just a scooped box.
Our Poop Fairies are trained to monitor what your cats are actually DOING in their boxes.
No urine or feces?
Too much of it?
Is it out of the box completely?
Is it the right consistency?
Being aware of these nuances can be life saving for your cat. Having this information documented in our visitmessy litter box reports can help your veterinarian fully understand what’s happening if it comes to that.
On top of that, our Cat People will also do a Nose to Tail Physical Assessment. We look for things like nose discharge, eye redness, not eating, regular breathing vs panting, fleas, lumps, bumps, nail length and much more. You’ll be notified of any irregularities we notice. But keep in mind we are not vets, so any serious issues should be taken to them.
What do our services entail?
The Usual: We come once or twice a day M-F to help keep your cat’s litter boxes fresh and clean so you don’t have to worry. This includes sweeping around the area, spot cleaning the box if anything has gotten on the outside, and our Nose to Tail assessment.
The Top Shelf: This is where the real dirty work comes in. We will dump the old litter, clean and sanitize the box, and refill with fresh litter. This also includes sweeping around the box and our Nose to Tail assessment.
black and white cat
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