Keep Your Pets Safe and Warm this Winter Season

Written By: Caitlin Perna

Brr it’s cold outside. To walk or not to walk? That is the question.

Dog wearing a coat in snow


We always hear tips to keep your pet safe when it’s hot out. What about when it’s really cold out?

A lot of people think pets are safer in the cold because of their fur, and yes, some pets have a higher tolerance for it for sure! But….our furry friends can run into trouble in the cold. Whether that be hypothermia and frostbite or cracked paws.


Some problems and their solutions to keep your pet safe during the freezing season are:


Problem: Itchy, flaky skin from the cold outside and the dry heat inside
Solution: For this you can keep your home humidified and towel dry your pet as soon as they come inside.

Tip: If you bring your pet with you in the car, don’t leave them in it for too long if it’s off. Cars act like refrigerators –
keeping the cold in and getting colder.

Problem: Stinging, irritated paws on walks
Solution: Bring a towel to wipe paws if they start hurting from the cold, don’t walk directly on snow or ice, or even pull over and take a break.

Tip: Don’t give too many baths during cold spells as this can remove essential oils and increase the risk for
above mentioned itchy, flaky skin.

Problem: Road salt and other chemicals are usually all over sidewalks and roads
Solution: Wash and dry your pet’s feet and stomach to remove these before they lick them. Check for cracks in pads and redness between toes as well.

Tip: Lotion or balm for pets (for their paws after walks) and booties are also a great idea for paws going outside!

Problem: Animals can burn extra energy in the winter trying to stay warm
Solution: You can feed them a little more food to help!

Have you seen a lot of dogs in coats when it’s cold? That’s actually a great way to help keep them warm on walks if they’re more susceptible to the cold!

And what about cats? One way all those poor stray cats stay warm during this time is sleeping in wheel wells. If you live in an area with lots of strays running around, make sure you check or honk your horn before you go! Even if you don’t live in an area with lots of strays, it can be good to check.

Inside the house, just make sure it’s warm and they aren’t sleeping near drafts.


Does your dog (or cat!) have a cute jacket or snow suit? We’d love to see it! Share below or tag us on instagram @pernapetcare