Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Written By: Caitlin Perna

It’s my favorite time of year- sweater weather! (yes, I’m a millennial) But I also really love Halloween for dressing up and lots of candy. The best of course being the pumpkin shaped reese’s peanut butter cups.

But what about our pets? Here are some tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween season.

Keep the Candy Out of Reach

You probably already know that chocolate is poisonous to both cats and dogs. But many other holiday treats have xylitol as a sweetener that is also very deadly to our furry friends. Best to keep your candy stash out of reach at all times and make sure your kids know not to share!

As a safety precaution make sure you have the Animal Poison Control Central number on hand (888) 426-4435 and call if your pet has eaten any candy.

Help Your Pets Stay Calm and Safe

There will be a lot going on- lots of people in the street, regular visitors at the door, and new sounds. Consider how reactive your pet is and adjust as needed.

  • Keep your dog in another part of the house so they don’t react to the outside festivities
  • Having your pets sectioned off in another area of the house will also prevent them from running out the door
  • Make sure they are wearing tags and are microchipped in case they do escape
  • Consider sitting outside and giving away candy on your front porch
  • Spraying Feliway can help calm your cat (they are pheromones, you can buy it on Amazon)
  • Take your dog on a walk earlier in the day to avoid Trick-or Treat hours
  • Leave your dog at home for Trick-or-Treating: the costumes and masks change how people look and smell and can cause them to react in unexpected ways

Be Aware of Costumes

The costumes of your pet that is. To start, make sure your pet actually enjoys wearing costumes as not all do! It will only add to their stress if they are uncomfortable. Anything rubbing under their ears, arms, tails, making them trip etc is dangerous and can be very frustrating for your pet.

Depending on wear you live, make sure your pet is not over or under dressed. In the midwest we are used to wearing winter coats over our Halloween costumes, but in other places it might still be pretty hot and your pets can easily overheat in costumes.

Watch out for Decorations and Wires

It can be quite easy for an excited dog or curious kitten to knock over a jack-o-lantern with a candle inside and start a fire or get singed. If you have string lights, or even spider webs in busy areas pets can get tangled and possible knock over larger objects. Pumpkins and decorative corn are not considered toxic, but they could cause some unpleasant stomach issues.

You can have a fun holiday while also keeping pets safe. Do you plan to dress up? Perhaps in tandem with your pets? Just me? Keep an eye out for photos to come;)