Dog Walks

We offer dog walks customized to your dog’s needs. Age, ability, and weather all play a part in making a walk fun and engaging for your dog.

 Caitlin is fantastic with our dog Neville. We needed a dog walker since we are at work all day long.

Caitlin was very responsive and able to help out quickly. We get detailed reports on how everything went with lots of pictures. If you need any pet services don’t hesitate to use Perna’s Pet Care!

Fantastic service for a very reasonable price! 
-Hari Sririm

Daily Dog Walks for your Favorite 4-legged Friend in Ann Arbor, MI

Dog Walks for your Favorite 4-legged Friend in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti

Perna’s Pet Care has a team of professional, educated dog walkers available 7 days a week. Your pets will be in good hands! Our goal is to offer the best care possible with our reliability, deep care and knowledge of pets, and an ongoing commitment to learn and adjust to our client’s needs. Our dog walkers are well versed in common dog commands as well how to handle whatever might happen while out on a walk.

More benefits of regular dog walks

Dogs love to explore!

Dogs love to explore!

Exploring new environments and getting all the sniffs in keeps their brain sharp as they practice their detective skills.
Mental Stimulation is important for dogs too

Mental Stimulation is important for dogs too

Practicing good leash techniques keeps them engaged and stimulated.
New best friend

New best friend

Your dog will love seeing their walker each day as they built a special friendship together.
dog walking on a leash

Benefits of Daily Dog Walks

We all love our pups, no question. We give them love, take them to the vet and take them on walks. Most people think walks are only for exercise, but there are so many more benefits of dog walks than just burning off energy.


Perhaps the most obvious reason for regular walks is the health of your dog. Just like humans, your pets should stay active and hiring a professional walker can help keep your dog on track.


Taking dogs for walks can build routines for helping them make sense of the world they are in. Walks make them happy, and when your dog knows it’s going to get a walk it becomes something they can look forward to- they will know the routine better than you! 


When working from home you might at first think you’ll have time to get household chores done, manage personal affairs, and walk your dog when they need it. But very quickly your day can fill up. And what if you have an important Zoom call? Or your dog won’t stop barking? Hiring a professional and being able to schedule walks at specific times can lighten your workload in an already busy schedule.


My favorite reason! Your dogs will build a very special bond with their walker and begin to look forward to seeing them each day. One of the main reasons people work in this industry is for this very friendship between human and dog.

Mental Stimulation

Getting your dog out of the house and exploring new areas is a great way to keep them stimulated and engaged which uses a different kind of energy to tire out your pup. Different smells, sights and sounds keep them focused while using their detective skills throughout the walk.

Peace of Mind

The trust and dependability you get from hiring a professional can relieve a lot of stress and worry for your dog’s well being. Knowing someone will come at a regularly scheduled time to take your dog on a fun adventure is just one less thing on your plate for the day!

Improved Behavior

All of the above are different ways to burn off energy for your dog. And what happens when your dog is tired? They are less likely to get into mischief! Especially when working from home, you need focus at least occasionally, knowing your dog is not misbehaving is a huge relief.

Dog Walk Rates

Rates are based on up to 2 dogs. It is at the discretion of Perna’s Pet Care to determine if your dogs can be securely walked together.
We reserve the right to discontinue walks, or charge additional time to walk the dogs separately, due to the safety of the dogs and ours.

We service most of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, please reach out to confirm you are in our service area.
+$5 per walk for puppies under 1 year old
+$6 per walk for holidays and peak days

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the dog walk?

Our walks are paced after your dog’s speed. We will follow a route they lead us on, but will also take them on new routes so they can experience new smells. At the end of the walk we will spend a few minutes inside making sure they have fresh water and giving some love and pets before heading out. Our dog walkers will follow any commands your dog is used too and follow safety precautions avoiding all other dogs. 
At the end of each visit you’ll get a report sent through our portal with photos, a note of how the walk went and anything else important you’d need to know, and a checklist of everything that happened during the visit (bringing in packages, if the dog did their business, if we gave them treats etc). 

Why should I book with you?

Perna’s Pet Care has a team of dedicated, professional pet sitters and dog walkers to fit your needs.

-Does you neighbor know how to pill a dog or cat?
-Does you family member know what to do if the come across a lose or aggressive dog on a walk?
-Will they bail on you if they decide they want to do something else instead that day? 

These are just a few examples of reasons people have come to us after trying other methods of pet sitting. Our sitters are trained to handle whatever they are assigned to, have excellent communication, and will have a backup available if the original sitter is sick or otherwise incapable of working. 

Choosing a service company like ours, you get personalized care for you pets where they feel safest- in their own homes! Less stress and anxiety and more comfort! It will also ensure your home is watched and cared for while you’re away giving extra peace of mind. 

Do I get to meet my pet sitter/dog walker?

Perna’s Pet Care works as a team. A manager will assign pet sitters based on the perfect fit and skill sets. We will do our best to use the same sitter each time.

Booking with a professional service like ours ensures that we have a back up available for emergencies to make sure your pet care is continuous.

What Happens if there is bad weather?

Safety comes first for humans and pets. Booking within time blocks helps us to be able to make adjustments as needed and if possible visits will be cancelled. For heavy rain or lightening we will try to wait until the storm lets up. Snow and ice might also cause delays.

Perna’s Pet Care has created general guidelines in regards to the weather to protect the safety of the dog(s) and the walker/sitter. Adjustments are made based off specific dog (age, health, breed) as well as other nature related cases such as thunder/lightning, ice/snow, heavy rain downpour, wind chill, and “feels like” high temps in summer months. When temperatures reach below (“feels like”) 30 degrees or above (“feels like”) 80 degrees, walks will be reduced in length/potty break only. Humidity and wind chill will also have an affect. `Full time will still be spent with pets so they receive full length of service. Taking breaks in the shade, stopping for a water break, or soaking the dog in water will be done as needed. Walks/drop-ins might be pushed back due to unsafe conditions. Walker/Sitter will always notify client of these changes.

What is your cancellation policy?

Must give 24 hours notice to cancel walk for a full credit to your account.
Regular monthly dog walk Clients agree to give two (2) weeks’ notice should Client decide to discontinue regular ongoing dog walking service. If Client cannot or does not give two (2) weeks’ notice, Client agrees to compensate Perna’s Pet Care for what would have been the total for two weeks of regular dog walking service. Perna’s Pet Care agrees that should Client discontinue service due to blatantly poor care/service from walker for any reason, then this two (2) week notice addendum will not be enforced by Perna’s Pet Care.

Will I always get the same pet sitter or dog walker?

No, we work as a team here at Perna’s Pet Care. This allows us to accept for last minute requests, be prepared for emergencies, and account for times when your sitter is unavailable. It is also is another way for your pets to socialize with different team members coming to your home.

How do I get started?

Head over to our Book Online page from the menu and schedule a free phone consultation. This will be an introductory chat to go over your needs as well as next steps to getting you fully onboarded. During the call we will schedule a time to meet in person as well.

Will you always come at the same time?

We schedule all of our services within time blocks during the day to account for the sitter’s schedule. There will be a space when scheduling where you can add preferred visit times and we can usually stick to that. We do make puppies and pets with medication a priority.

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