Dog Walks

We offer dog walks customized to your dog’s needs. Age, ability, and weather all play a part in making a walk fun and engaging for your dog.

Daily Dog Walks for your Favorite 4-legged Friend in Ann Arbor, MI

Dog Walks for your Favorite 4-legged Friend in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti

Even if you work from home it’s still a great idea to hire a dog walker. It’s social time! Your dog(s) will be so excited to see their walker and new best friend each day. And if you have an important call/zoom meeting or are just unable to leave your desk, this is a great option to get your pup out of the house for a little bit.

More benefits of regular dog walks

Dogs love to explore!

Dogs love to explore!

Exploring new environments and getting all the sniffs in keeps their brain sharp as they practice their detective skills.
Mental Stimulation is important for dogs too

Mental Stimulation is important for dogs too

Practicing good leash techniques keeps them engaged and stimulated.
New best friend

New best friend

Your dog will love seeing their walker each day as they built a special friendship together.

Dog Walk Rates

Rates are based on up to 2 dogs. It is at the discretion of Perna’s Pet Care to determine if your dogs can be securely walked together. We reserve the right to discontinue walks, or charge additional time to walk the dogs separately, due to the safety of the dogs and ours.
+$5 per walk for puppies under 1 year old
+$6 per walk for holidays and peak days

Let us pam-purr your pets!

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