What Should I Expect When I Book a Dog Walk with Perna’s Pet Care?

Written By: Caitlin Perna

So you decided to hire a professional dog walker- now what?

How will I know when my dog walker is coming?
For all of our visits we use time blocks- chunks of 3 hour blocks throughout the day that you can choose to haveblack dog with harness on a walk your dog walked. We do this so that the walker can plan the route that makes the most sense, wait out bad weather if needed, and have the flexibility to add walks or visits as needed.
You can, however, also make note of a preferred time or time range. It’s helpful to know what the best range for the dog; we always take that into consideration.
If you need a specific time we will do our best to accommodate that, too!
How will the dog walker know what to do if we have never met?
Perna’s Pet Care uses industry leading software called Time to Pet. After your free consultation (which you can book here) you will be sent a link to create a profile. There, you can input all of your pet’s information- behavior, likes/dislikes, leash and harness location, if they can have treats etc.
Your walker will be able to review all of this information before the walk and can message you with any questions they might have. We schedule walkers with pets we think they will be the best match for.
How does the dog walker get into my house/apartment?
A few options! The easiest option is for those of you who work from home. We will notify you when we are on our way so you can have the door unlocked and ready.
If you have a keypad, all you have to do is put the code into Time to Pet so the walker has access. Any security alarm codes will go in the same place.
If you do not have a keypad, you can buy a lockbox from us (or get your own) to leave on your property. It can be hidden so as not to make it obvious no one is home. That code will go into Time to Pet for the walker to have access.
For those of you that live in an apartment that need a fob or private access, you will have to let the office know that a dog walker from Perna’s Pet Care will be arriving on whatever days you have booked and usually in exchange for an ID we can get access to the building and your apartment.
two dogs on   a walk
How do I know that my walker has completed the walk if I’m not home?

Once again our handy dandy app Time to Pet comes into play. For each visit you will be send a report card through the software. It includes cute pictures, notes from the walk, and checklist that includes things like if they pooped/peed, got a treat, or where placed back in their crate.

You can even respond back to the walker!
What about Covid-19? Is it safe to have someone come to my home?
We take Covid-19 very seriously. As stated above, we will notify you when we are on our way if you work from home. This way, if your dog needs a harness you can have it on and ready to go. The walker will be able to get the dog and the door and never have to step inside.
If you are not home, all of our walkers carry hand sanitizer to use before and after entering your home and will always have a mask on while inside.
Everyone uses their own leash as well to avoid cross contamination.
Learn more about our Covid-19 safe practices here.
Will I always have the same dog walker?
Generally speaking, yes. We try to match up our walkers with dogs we think they will be a good fit for. However, one of the perks of having a professional dog walker is that we have a team of walkers ready as back up if needed.
If your regular walker is sick, out of town, or otherwise detained, Perna’s Pet Care will be able to sub in another dog walker. They will have access to your notes in Time to Pet and will be able to pick up where your regular walker left off.
german shepard dog in snow
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