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Trust us with your cats for Pet Sitting visits when you’re out of town…

And we can help with your cat’s litter box with our Poop Fairy Litter Box Cleaning service!
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l am so pleased with Perna’s Pet Care! Caitlin is such a pleasure to work with. She uses a pet portal to communicate and set up future pet sitting needs.The thing I love the most, is she sends a daily report with photos with how my cats are doing. This provides me so much comfort knowing they are well taken care of by someone who obviously adores animals. Thank you so much Caitlin!
-Carrie Hughes

Cat Sitting Services - Ann Arbor MI

Cat Sitting Services 

Perna’s Pet Care has a team of dedicated Cat People to take care of your feline friends when you’re away. Not everyone understands cat behavior and body language- but we do. Our goal is to make sure your cat(s) will get the same love and attention they would from you. Being able to follow detailed instructions, offering peace of mind for your pet and home, and dependable service is our guarantee.

Let our cat caretakers pam-purr your cats! Each of our visits includes:
-Giving food
-Fresh water
-Cleaning litter boxes
-Sweeping around pet area
-Bring in mail
-Water plants
-Bringing up/out trash & recycle bins
-Home security lights/blinds adjustments
-Report card with photos after each visit and messaging with pet sitter
– And of course lots of lovin’ and playtime

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Cat People

Dedicated Cat People

At Perna’s Pet Care we hire self-identified “cat people” (with experience) specifically for our cat services so you know your pet sitter is confident and comfortable around your cats.
Home Security

Home Security

Relax as you know someone will be checking on your home while you’re away.
We do the dirty work

We do the dirty work

Hate cleaning litter boxes? Check below for our Litter Box Poop Fairy Services.

Cat Sitting Rates

Our cat sitting services are catered to your cat’s needs.
Kittens might require 3 visits a day, but other cats might be fine with just one.
**We do require at least one 30-minute visit a day for all cats.

If you would like to add our Litter Box Cleaning service to your pet sitting visit, we will add time onto your visit to account for the extra work.
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We service most of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, please reach out to confirm you are in our area.
+$6 per visit for holidays and peak days

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a cat sitting visit?

Pet sitting visits are catered to your cat’s needs. Through our online portal you will be able to note all of your pet’s feeding and medication routines. We will scoop litter at least once a day as well. After we make sure everyone has food and fresh water the remaining time is spent cuddling and/or playing with your pets.

After each visit you’ll also receive a report with photos, a note about what happened during the visit, and a checklist of everything we did (feeding, medications, watering plants, bringing trash bins to the curb).

Why should I book with you?

Perna’s Pet Care has a team of dedicated, professional pet sitters and dog walkers to fit your needs.

-Does you neighbor know how to pill a dog or cat?
-Does you family member know what to do if the come across a lose or aggressive dog on a walk?
-Will they bail on you if they decide they want to do something else instead that day? 

These are just a few examples of reasons people have come to us after trying other methods of pet sitting. Our sitters are trained to handle whatever they are assigned to, have excellent communication, and will have a backup available if the original sitter is sick or otherwise incapable of working. 

Choosing a service company like ours, you get personalized care for you pets where they feel safest- in their own homes! Less stress and anxiety and more comfort! It will also ensure your home is watched and cared for while you’re away giving extra peace of mind. 

What happens if there is bad weather?

Safety comes first for humans and pets. Booking within time blocks helps us to be able to make adjustments as needed and if possible visits will be cancelled. For heavy rain or lightening we will try to wait until the storm lets up. Snow and ice might also cause delays.

Perna’s Pet Care has created general guidelines in regards to the weather to protect the safety of the dog(s) and the walker/sitter. Adjustments are made based off specific dog (age, health, breed) as well as other nature related cases such as thunder/lightning, ice/snow, heavy rain downpour, wind chill, and “feels like” high temps in summer months. When temperatures reach below (“feels like”) 30 degrees or above (“feels like”) 80 degrees, walks will be reduced in length/potty break only. Humidity and wind chill will also have an affect. `Full time will still be spent with pets so they receive full length of service. Taking breaks in the shade, stopping for a water break, or soaking the dog in water will be done as needed. Walks/drop-ins might be pushed back due to unsafe conditions. Walker/Sitter will always notify client of these changes.

What is your cancellation policy?

** We will no longer accept Covid-19 as a reason for last minute cancels. We are going into year 3 and know the risks of traveling. Unless there is a government mandated lock down our regular cancellation policy applies.**

Must give 48 hours notice before the first visit of your booking to cancel. If less than 48 hours you will be charged the equal of 2 days booked or the remaining booked visits, which ever is less. The rest will be added as credit to your account.
Early Returns qualify as a cancel and would require the 48 hours notice for all visits.
Rescheduling: A request to reschedule any service is deemed a cancellation and a new service request. As a result, the above cancellation policy shall apply.

The cancellation policy may be waived in certain circumstances and in Perna’s Pet Care sole discretion

Do I get to meet my pet sitter first?

Perna’s Pet Care works as a team. A manager will assign pet sitters based on the perfect fit and skill sets. We will do our best to use the same sitter each time.

Booking with a professional service like ours ensures that we have a back up available for emergencies to make sure your pet care is continuous.

Will I always have the same pet sitter?

No, we work as a team here at Perna’s Pet Care. This allows us to accept for last minute requests, be prepared for emergencies, and account for times when your sitter is unavailable. It is also is another way for your pets to socialize with different team members coming to your home.

Will you be arriving at the same time?

We schedule all of our services within time blocks during the day to account for the sitter’s schedule. There will be a space when scheduling where you can add preferred visit times and we can usually stick to that. We do make puppies and pets with medication a priority.

Litter Box Poop Fairy

litter box poop fairy

Hire A Poop Fairy!

Keeping your cats litter box clean is an essential part of having a happy cat and an odor free home. But it can be a lot of work! Scooping should be done 1-2 times a day and a full litter box cleaning once a week. But after a long day of work it might not be top of the list. Falling behind can lead to unhappy cats that might leave you a nice present outside the box.

Let The Poop Fairies at Perna’s Pet Care help.

What We Do

Dedicated Cat People

Health Check

A lot can be learned from the contents of a litter box- signs of GI issues, IBS, constipation, parasite and more.
Home Security

Happiness Check

Chronic out of the box habits can require specific techniques, environment modification or veterinary consults.
We do the dirty work

Nose to Tail Assessment

Our sitters will do a full Nose to Tail check on each of your cats to observe any regularities.

Poop Fairy Rates

Unsure what your home needs? Give us a call and we can set up a consultation.
+$6 per visit for holidays and peak days

Let us pam-purr your pets!

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